Hello Everyone , Welcome to my Blog !

I am Khyati Seth and I am from India. I am an MBA , a Yog Therapist , Social – media Junkie , Foodie , Food Enthusiast and a polymath . Cooking has always been one thing that comes very naturally to me so more than a hobby its  meditation to me. It just gives me that eternal happiness & joy to cook different variety of food.

This blog is all about FOOD. The recipes of delicacies which includes the healthy drinks , healthy meals , salads and some basic recipes out of which you can make umpteen number of dishes. Going healthy is quintessential but cheat days are important too , so keeping that in mind my dishes and its recipes will make your weekends or special days even more special.

So, keep visiting my page and Enjoy J

Happy Eating !

P.S All the images are owned by me and are without any photoshop or editing . Clicked by smartphone.

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