Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Myths V/S Facts - Raw Food V/S Cooked Food


In today's time, we all are confused about what to eat and what not to eat.
Should we eat raw food or cooked food? Should we consume meal after 6 p.m or should we have a large meal before sleep? 

So, let's clear all these myths and start knowing the facts about it!

This is Myths V/S Facts and we will finally know the truth behind all!

Myths getting Debunked #2

All Raw Foods are Much Healthier Than Cooked Foods

This is often touted by raw or plant-based diet followers as the reason their diet is superior to other diets. The raw food argument states that cooking destroys the enzymes in plants, and that this results in nutritionally inferior food.

It’s true that cooking destroys enzymes, but the enzymes in plants were created for the plant’s benefit. As humans, we have our own enzymes that allows us to digest both raw and cooked foods, and the process of cooking can maintain or even improve the nutrition of its raw counterpart in many cases (though it’s true that some vegetables lose nutrition when cooked, depending on the cooking method)
Raw fruits and vegetables are absolutely still healthy and can even be more nutritious (depending on the vegetable) than cooked foods and shouldn’t be avoided. But raw does not universally mean better, and cooking does much to improve the appearance and texture of fruits and vegetables which makes them much easier to consume.

Cooking, quite simply, is good for you

Eat fruits and vegetables raw or eat them cooked. Both ways are healthy and whatever gets you eating more fruits and vegetables is a good thing.

Little information about some of the vegetables on whether good to be eaten raw or cooked!

Happy Eating !!!


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