Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Myths V/S Facts - Brown Bread V/S White Bread


In today's time, we all are confused about what to eat and what not to eat.
Should we eat brown bread or white bread? Should we consume artificial sweetener or brown sugar or just sugar ? Should we only have juice diet when we want to loose weight?

So, let's clear all these myths and start knowing the facts about it!

This is Myths V/S Facts and we will finally know the truth behind all!

Myths getting Debunked #1

Brown Bread V/S White Bread

Yes, this is absolutely true!

In India, the Brown Bread is often coloured with the caramel colour and may have very less percentage of whole-wheat flour (atta). To be genuinely labelled 'Whole Wheat', it must have at least 50% of whole wheat.

So, next time when you buy the whole wheat bread look for the words ' Whole-Grain' or '100% Whole Wheat' and make sure the ingredients consists of whole wheat, oats, quinoa, whole wheat rye, buckwheat or brown rice. 

Only then we are eating healthy bread otherwise whether we eat white bread or brown bread its all the same.

Happy Eating !!!
Be Aware !!


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