Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cooking Tip ( Series - III )

Hello ,
Cooking is important but cooking tips are quintessential too. :) 

So, here is another series of cooking tips which can be used as a hack on the daily basis when cooking.
Series - 3  consists of 3 Cooking Tips.

 Happy Eating !!!

Cooking Tip

Cooking Tip #7

Well, this is one of the tips that has been used by me several times and it really works well!
So, from now stop throwing away the darkened oil and start re-using it :)
White Vinegar-Reuse the dirty oil

Cooking Tip #8

We all have experienced the burning sensation on our fingers and hands after using Red Chillies and simply washing it with soap and water doesn't relieve the pain. So, here are some tips for how to get rid of the Red Chilli Burn:

How to get rid of red chili burn 

Cooking Tip #9

Here's an ultimate tip on how you can do 'Tear-Free Onion Chopping':
Tear-Free Onion Chopping


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