Monday, May 30, 2016

PineOrange Sunrise

Aloha !!

Summers are here and Temperatures are rising up high, So, 
Lets beat the heat and quench the thirst with this ' Sweet N Tangy ' drink.

PineOrange Sunrise

Refreshing Drink!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Banana Bread

Hello everyone,

Happy Weekend 

As I told you I’ll surprise you with what you can make with these bananas, here comes another one:
And it's none other than the famous ‘Banana Bread’.

This one is my all-time favorite because of its all moist, light and soft and if there are any bread sinners in the house you guys are gonna totally love it.

Banana Bread

Super moist & World famous Banana Bread

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Healthy Oatmeal -Banana Pizza

Wonderful, Glorious things are in store for you if you will only Believe, Obey and Endure. 
– Thomas S. Monson

Hello folks,  
This week I’ll be sharing two recipes with you with ones same ingredient 'Bananas'.

At some point of time, you must be having these extremely brownish blackish skin bananas which we usually throw them away by saying its got stale and not worth eating anymore.

                               (Bananas like these)

But hang on, if you have them right now at your home don’t throw them away. This week I am going to make two of the healthy dishes out of these.

This particular dish I usually have after my workout as: Firstly, it’s a high protein breakfast.
Secondly, Oatmeal is a low fat, high –fiber food and by adding a fresh fruit especially banana to it, it enhances the taste and provides us with essential minerals and vitamins. So on whole its a good breakfast idea.

Here goes the recipe:

Healthy Oatmeal-Banana Pizza

Healthy Oatmeal Banan Pizza

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Chocolate Cups with Surprise

Hello everyone,
Here I am with my first recipe of one of my most favourite dessert. This dessert is one of the most sinful, intoxicating and pieces of art and for Chocolate Lovers its totally heaven.
How cool is it that you can actually eat a cup and if its made of chocolate what else you need.  This I feel as one of the coolest thing that I have done specially in cooking forte.

And as I promised you guys that I’ll make your weekends special or cheat day special so here goes the recipe. Enjoy... happy weekends J

Chocolate Cups with Surprise

Sinful, Intoxicating Chocolate Cup

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Here comes the first post....


My first blog is here and i am very excited to make you all a part of it. Eating food is lot easier than making / cooking it. So, I am gonna make sure that my recipes make you feel indulgent .
I am not gonna write long pages of why am doing a food blog….but people have been going through lot of google pages lately for this or that recipes so my blog will be the platform where you all will be able to find all reciepes.

You guys can contact me regarding anything whether be its any of your special request for a particular recipe or be it any doubt. I’ll be there for your help always.
I am aiming for atleast 1 to 2 reciepes a week .  *Fingers Crossed*

Happy Eating !